Jeans Buying Tips for Women

How to Look Slim in Jeans?
How to Look Sexy in Jeans?
How to Look Tall in Jeans?
How to Look Beautiful in Jeans?
How to Choose Right Jeans for You?
Jeans Buying Tips for Women
Tips for Women to Look Slim in Jeans
Which Type of Jeans Will Suit You Most?
Tips to Choose Right Jeans According to Your Body Type.

Today all fashion conscious women are always looking for a perfect pair of jeans which not only flatter her assets but hide their body flaws if any. Jeans is not only a comfortable wear but it also gives wearer a modern, beautiful and sexy look. There would be hardly any women who would not like jeans. It is said that jeans can be found in the wardrobe of every women not only in developed countries but in developing countries as well. There are lots of advantages of jeans like:
  • Jeans are very easy to wear and take no time.
  • Jeans are not very costly as the other women dresses.
  • Jeans is a very comfortable unlike many other women dresses. Women can easily walk and run while wearing jeans.
  • Jeans give modern, tall, slim, sexy, beautiful and smart look to every woman who wears it.

There different types of jeans available for different body types of women. Thus almost every woman can look good in jeans if she choose right jeans according to her body type. But there are certain features which should be kept in mind while choosing jeans, so that you choose right jeans which can make you look slim, sexy and smart. Thus it is very important to buy such jeans that suits your personality and flatters your body. There are certain points which play an important role in choosing right jeans according to your body type:

Choosing Jeans According to Color of Jeans

  • If your thighs and hips are heavy then I will advise you to go for dark color jeans only, as they will make your legs appear slim and tall while diverting attention away from your heavier bottom half.
  • While light color jeans highlight and bring attention to their heavy thighs and hips.
  • Women with athletic body shape can choose any kind of color in jeans.
  • Women who are skinny and very thin should choose light color jeans as it will make their lower half appear a little muscular.

Choosing Jeans According to Body Type of a Woman

Jeans For Apple Shape Body

  • As these women have a bigger tummy and smaller bottom, so to balance it and to hide their tummy they should go for boot cut jeans, wide leg jeans and flares jeans.
  • They should avoid skinny jeans or very tight fitting jeans as they will draw attention to their upper heavier half.
  • As you have short bottom so to add volume to it they should look for pockets, flaps and other embellishments work on the back side so that your rear look heavier, curvy and balance with the upper half.
  • Light color jeans will better for you as they will add volume to your legs, thighs and butts thus balancing lower half with the upper half.
  • Do not go for dark color jeans which otherwise make your lower half thinner and will draw attention to your heavier upper half i.e your big tummy.

Jeans For Pear Shape Body

  • These are the women with heavy weight on hips, butt and thighs with a curvy bottom.
  • Pear shape body women can choose boot cut jeans or straight leg jeans.
  • These jeans will elongate the leg line and overall height thus drawing attention away from thigh, hip and butt area.
  • Heels with these jeans will also add advantage specially if you are short height.
  • You should avoid pockets with flaps which otherwise would draw attention to their larger half i.e. their heavy hips.

Jeans For Athletic Body

  • These are the women who can wear any kind of jeans, with any kind of work, with any color.
  • They can choose any kind of jeans in any color.
  • But if your thighs, hips and legs are thinner then try jeans with light colors, pockets, flaps and other embellishments, this will make your thighs and hips round and fuller.

Jeans For Hourglass Body

  • Hourglass shape has same measurements on hips and bust with small waist.
  • Women with hourglass shape body should go for dark color flare jeans(bell bottom jeans) or wide leg jeans, as they will balance their body shape and will enhance their beautiful curves.
  • If you are short height and hourglass shape then also wear high heels with jeans.
  • Also ensure that you buy stretchable jeans or contoured waist jeans so that you do not have any gap in your waist line.
  • Avoid pockets with flaps and other embellishments which otherwise would add volume to the hips area thus drawing attention to this area.
  • Choose dark color to make your leg line slim.

Choosing Jeans According to Jeans Types

Skinny Jeans – These jeans made from stretchable fabric which fit closely so that it sticks with your legs thus showing true shape and curves of your legs, thighs and hips. If your hips and thighs are heavy then avoid these skinny jeans as it will highlight this area.

Other Important Tips to Consider While Buying Jeans

  • Short height cum plus size women should try dark color skinny jeans with high heels or high boots. This will make their leg line look long, thus giving a slimmer and sexy look.
  • Plus size women can also try skinny leggings made of very light fabric.
  • Women with slim and skinny body can also go for pockets and other embellishment works on the jeans.

I hope you may have found this article useful and found some useful information regarding jeans. So go on and buy a perfect pair of jeans which flaunt your true assets and personality. To be in touch with me you can visit me at Google+.

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