Tips to Choose Best Swimwear for Your Body Type

Like many other women if you are also looking to buy some kinds of swimwear for you but you are confuse what kinds of swimming costume, beach wear and swim wear you should buy, or following questions are coming to mind before choosing or buying new swim suit for you then this article is for you. Keep on reading and you will get answer to following questions:

What Kind of Swimwear Will Suit You Most?
How to Choose the Best Swimming Costume According to Your Body?
What Beach Wear Should You Buy to Suit Your Complexion?
What Kind of Swim Suit Will Make You Look Sexy & Attractive?
I am a Fat, Overweight, Plus Size, What type of Swim Wear will Suit Me?
What Kind of Swimwear Should I Wear to Look Attractive?

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Tips for buying perfect swimwear for your body type:

There is nothing futile associated with the buying of that perfect pair of swimwear. If you are an astute shopper, then you should know that shopping swimwear online is the best way to purchase a set which not only fits your body well but also makes you feel good. In this article, we give some tips for selecting the most comfortable and stylish swimwear.

The foremost selection criteria is KNOWING YOUR BODY TYPE. For the best and most accurate reference, you should measure your:

Hips at widest point
Waist at smallest point
Bust at fullest point

The size and style of every swimsuit depends on these three parameters. Below, we have cited body shapes to give you a better understanding while choosing the suitable swimwear and beachwear.

What Is Your Body Type / Shape?

Pear Shape: 
Your body is pear shaped, if your hips are comparatively wider than your bust as well as waist.
Your body is pear shaped, if you are smaller on the top and curvy at the thighs and hips.
Celebrities Having Pear Shaped Body: Jennifer Lopez, Beyoncé and Jennifer Love Hewitt.

Tips for Pear Shaped Women:

Choose a swimsuit with clean-skirted bottom.
Do not go for thick-banded bottom or boy short.
Swimwear should have eye-catching top or a plunging neckline.

Hourglass Shape: Your body is hourglass shaped, if your hips and bust are near about of equal width, but the waist is comparatively smaller.

Broad Shoulders: The best tip for buying perfect swimwear for your body type is to choose a solid colored suit having printed panels on it's side. This will give an illusion of hourglass figure and hence your boxy upper body will even out. You can also go for an asymmetrical neckline.

Curvy Body: You can compare your figure and fashion statements with that of celebrities like Scarlett Johansson, and Kim Kardashian. You are curvy all over with a full bust, butt, thighs and hips.

The key to selecting swimwear for women with curvy body is to highlight the curves along with providing suitable coverage and support. If you do NOT want to stress on your widest areas then, DO NOT choose string bikinis or monokinis.

Tips for Women with Curvy Body

Buy asymmetrical suits as they highlight more on the neckline.
You can highlight your shape with color-blocking and retro suits like boxy halter tops and high waist

Apple Shape: Your body is apple shaped, if your waist is just about same as your bust and comparatively wider than your hips.

Tummy Concealing: You are nearly an apple shape, but your weight is more mostly in your middle. You should go for high-waisted or tankini styles swimsuits, which will help in smoothing out your middle.

Tips for Women with Tummy Concealing

Go for swimwear having shirring as it hides bulges.

Straight / Ruler / Banana Shape: Your body is of this shape, if there is no major difference between your bust, waist and hips.

Large Bust: Ample cleave and extra support on the top are two things which should be there in the bathing suit / swimwear for you. Search online by referring celebrities with large bust like Sofia Vergara, Katy Perry, and Christina Hendricks.

Remember one thing if you are well-endowed on the top, SUPPORT is the most crucial word for you. You should opt for bathing suits having molded cups or an underwire. If you less focus on your chest, then do away with embellishments or ruffles. DO NOT purchase string bikinis, as with your huge chest, there is risk that your boobs will be all around, on taking a dip. So, SAY NO TO String Bikinis.

Tips Tricks for Large Bust Women:

For extra bust support, choose a swimwear with adjustable thicker straps and bra-style tops having an underwire.
You can also go for higher backs to keep you up.
Molded cups should be there for that extra support.

Small Bust: If you have smaller top then compare yourself with Paris Hilton, Selena Gomez, Rihanna and other celebrities with similar A or B cup. You need less support on the top, which means more variety of swim suits. You can go for various styles, but not limited to, embellished detailing, patterns, bows and more minimal coverage.

Tips for Small Bust Women:

You can look curvy in a swimsuit if you wear a triangle top. Also, go for tops having embellishments with ruffles or bold prints.
For that extra lift, wear padded push-up tops and bra tops. It will create a beautiful cleavage.
For more style, choose tiny scoop tops.

Athletic Body: With fewer curves, you can compare your figure with Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Biel, and Cameron Diaz.

You need to pump up your curves with stylish bathing wear that will flaunt your frame. Go for swimwear with less coverage for a shapelier appearance.

Tips for Women with Athletic Body:

Separate tops and bottoms, having bold prints, can be combined to make a bathing suit or swimwear. You can also opt for swimwear with ruffles and embellishments which will add an additional feminine flair to your looks by creating a mirage of more curves on your body.
You should go for Monokinis, one-pieces with slashes / cutouts.
If you need an appearance which more fuller and curvier at the bottom, then go for a swimwear with smaller bottom.
Tie-side bikini bottoms are also perfect for you.

Pregnant: In this condition, you will not want anything tight around your waist and stomach. So, shopping for tankinis is the best option for you as it not will not only provide wide wiggle room, but it will also give quick access to your belly along with sun protection. As it is a two piece swimwear, it make going bathroom very easy.

Cellulite: You should opt for swimwear and tankinis that have longer hemlines. Remember, Short Skirted Suits AREN'T for you.

Scars: One of the tough category, as there is no definitive place where scars occur. You can go for bathing suit having intriguing shapes and unique cuts. These styles will help you cover up at least some, if not all, scars n your body. If you have scars on your chest, shoulders or upper back, then go for cropped top. Also, swimsuits with mesh insets are also good for you.

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